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3D Modeling Apps

Spline, Anim8or, Wings 3D, JustSketchMe, Tinkercad, ChokokuCAD, POV-Ray, FreeCAD, picoCAD, Vectary, LibreCAD, Art of Illusion, BRL-CAD, Posturize, Morflax

3D Models, Sketchfab, GrabCAD, 3DCU, 3DLOAD, CGdownloads, Pack 3d models, 3DLOAD, cgtrader, Free3D, VRModels, CadNav, Blender 3D Models, Render-State, Open3dModel, KiCad, Archive3D, TopGFX, 3DExport, 3DMili Free Shop, ArchibasePlanet, Cults, 3dsky, TurboSquid, 3D Warehouse, BlenderKit, 3DMili,, RIGModels, Printables, Thangs, Pinshape, NASA 3D Resources, CG World, Blender Add-on, 3D Find It, free3dbase, open3dlab, 3dpirate, blendswap

Alternative Search Engines

Bing, OceanHero, Lycos, WebCrawler, Million Short, Wiby, Andi, Excite, search, Metacrawler, fefoo, entireweb, ChatNoir, Exalead, Carrot2, 4Search,, Yahoo, FrogFind!, Visymo Search, AOL, All in One, All the Internet,, BizNar, WorldWideScience, ZincSearch, Whoogle Search, infospace, 2lingual

Alternative Software / App Sites

Ethical, Slant, SaaSHub,,, Top Best Alternatives,, Open Source Alternative To,, PRISM Break, ListAlternative, Free Competitors, AppMus

Android Audio Players

VLC for Android, mpv-android, Foobar2000, Vanilla Music, BlackHole, Metro, Retro Music Player, Auxio, Apollo Music Player, Music Player GO, Nyx Music Player, ExoPlayer, SoundSpice, mucke, Phonograph Plus, Musicmax, Tear Music, Pulse Music, Zen Music Player, Little Music Player, SimpleMP-Compose

Android Browsers

Iceraven Browser, Kiwi Browser, Stargon Browser, Berry Browser, Ecosia, AlohaBrowser, Via Browser, Lynket, Lightning Browser, Float Browser, Fulguris

Privacy Based

Android File Explorers

Amaze File Manager, Ghost Commander, Material Files, Cx File Explorer, IrkFM

Android Note Apps

Markor, sNotz, Bundled Notes, ColorNote, Notion, Joplin, Standard Notes, Notebook, UpNote, OneNote, Leaflet, neutriNote, Writer Plus, Orgzly, Justnote, Quillnote, Note to Self, Noto, Nabu, Obsidian, Saber, Quillpad, Spooky, Moe Memos, Ara Note, Notally, Omni Notes, Walling

To-Do Apps

Tasks,, Simpletask, Orgzly, Tasky, Alkaa, EverydayTasks, Taskito, discipline

Android Video Players

VLC, mpv-android, Nova Video Player, Fermata Media Player, ExoPlayer, Aos AVP, SPlayer, Next Player, M3UAndroid

Awesome Lists

Track Awesome, GitHub Awesome, Awesome Awesomeness, Generated Awesomeness, Awesome

Awesome List Tools

Search / Stumble / CLI / Markdown Extractor

Browser eBook Readers

Online Cloud File Viewer, Ebook Reader for web, Readwok, ePub Reader Online, Ebook Reader, epub.js

Browser Startpages

8bitdash, 8 Bit Dashboard, Startpage Emporium, Awesome Startpage, StartTree, New Tab Addons, Clippingmini, Draggo, Atavi, Homepage Ninja, Bookmarkee, Pearltrees, Lasso, Nextcloud, Cling, Symbaloo, Tixio, Bento,, nightly, Protopage, tilde, Homepage, Fluidity, AllMyFaves


Zoho Calendar, Tweek, TinyMonth, TOAST UI Calendar, Gantt, Morgen

World Event Calendars

Office Holidays, Forekast

Calibre Libraries,,

Calibre Tools

ACSM Plugin / Libre Plugin / Scraper

CLI Cheat Sheets

awesome-for-oneliner, You Don't Need GUI, Helmanual, CommandlineFU,, how2, Bash Academy, ss64 Bash, Bash Oneliner

Coding Tutorials

RIP Tutorial, Programiz, Python Tutor, calmcode, Tuts 4 You, Codelabs, Free Ebook Foundation's Interactive Programming Tutorials, Nayuki, ZetCode, Xah Code,, Guru99, Use My Notes, Ultimate Programming All-in-One Tutorials, FreeCourseSite, Project Based Learning, Javatpoint, Techno Smarter, tutorialkart

Collaboration Platforms

Doozy, Zulip, Miro, Mattermost, Twake, Asana, Freedcamp, Lumeer, Slab, Focalboard, WeKan, Kanboard, Skiff, Mural, Dendron, Lucidchart, Trello, Planka, Taskcafe, Room, Atlassian, linear

Cooking YouTube Channels

Babish Culinary Universe, Jamie Oliver, Kenji López-Alt, Bon Appétit, Mythical Kitchen, Peaceful Cuisine, Seonkyoung Longest, You Suck At Cooking, Nino's Home, Adam Ragusea, 조꽁드Joconde's baking, Ruby Ka Kitchen

Copy Google Drives

GdriveCloneWeb, Google Drive Copy Folder, Telegram-CloneBot, Copy Folder, gdrive-clone, Google Drive Clone Bot

Command Line Shells

fish, Elvish, Es, Ion, Xonsh, Nushell, oh-my-fish

Covers / Posters

The Poster Database, Cover Century, covrik, DVD Covers, Cover Addict VIP, Gaming Alexandria, The Poster Collector, Movie Posters Gallery, Film on Paper, GameTDB, JoBlo, /r/MoviePosterPorn, IMP Awards, Fanart

Album Art

Album Art Downloader, kunst, Apple-Music-Animated-Artwork-Fetcher

Customizable New Tab Page

Minimal Startpage, nightTab, hexagonTab, CaretTab, mesmerized, Bonjourr, Perfect Home, Yet Another Speed Dial, Tabliss, Epiboard, Infinity New Tab, b2ntp, Terminal-style new tab page

Data Visualization Tools

Data GIF Maker, Flourish, Datawrapper, chartd, Chart.xkcd, QuickChart, Percival, amCharts, ACME Chartmaker, ParaView, app.diagrams / Git, Dia, RawGraphs, Draw, yEd Live, Mermaid, LineGraphMaker, SwimLanes, Quiver, Gephi, Graphviz / Editor, graphonline, Diagramify, Charts Builder, diagramgpt

Design Resources

design-resources-for-developers, Freebies.ByPeople, IM Creator, Design Bundles, Design Resources,, GraphicBurger, GraphicsFuel, Pixeden, Sketch Repo, Interfacer, Freebiesbug, Sketch App Sources, FreebiesUI, Envato Elements Collection, Creative Fabrica,, Evernote.Design, GFXTRA, XSGames,, UI STORE DESIGN, Charco, Craftwork, Pixelbuddha, squax, 𝖌𝖗𝖕𝖍𝖈 𝖉𝖘𝖌𝖓 𝖇𝖆𝖈𝖐𝖚𝖕, all 4 designer, Kropes Leaking Server, Gift4Designer, GFXMountain, Buckets Of Bookmarks, degreeless

Discord Server / Bot Lists

Servers / Bots

DISBOARD, Discord Servers, Discadia,, Discord Me, Disforge, Find a Discord, Open Source Projects

Bots Only

BotBlock,, Bots on Discord, Discord Bots, Top Bots, Infinity Bot List, Discord Services, DiscordBots, Discord Bot List, Carbon Bot List,, TopCord, Void Bots, Discord Botlist

DNS Filters

DNS for Family, CleanBrowsing, personalDNSfilter, hBlock, someonewhocares, MVPS HOSTS, Hosts File Aggregator, Spamhaus, NxFilter, dns-blocklists, d3ward, Anudeep's Blacklist, Lightswitch05, black-mirror, Scam Blocklist, hBlock, Additional Undesired Hosts, neodevhost, Piperun's IP-Logger Filter, GoodbyeAds, mullvad blocklists, The Block List Project

Domain Info Tools

WhoisRequest, Rankchart, Harpoon, MXToolBox, Whois Lookup, IPIP.NET, WebStatsDomain, AtSameIP, DNSlytics, DNSTwister, AnalyzeID, LinkScope

Docker Tools

Desktop, TUI, Analyze Images, Container Automation, Port Forwarding, Log Viewer, Disk Usage Manager, Image Linter, Container Monitor, Notifications, Podman Compose

DOS Games

DOS Games Archive, DOSBox, DOS HAVEN, The Software Library, Best Old Games, DOSGames, PlayDOSGames, RGB Classic Games, Abandonware DOS, Online DOS games, Classic Games

Down Site Checkers

Is The Service Down?,, Downdetector, websitedown, Is it up?, UpDown Radar, lychee, Dead Link Checker, Online Broken Link Checker, Dr. Link Check, HTTPStatus

Drive Formatting / File Deletion

  • Note - These just delete files, if you're looking for security and to leave no file traces, its best to encypt the whole disk instead.

  •  SDelete

Eraser, File Shredder, SSuite File Shredder and Burner, Low Level Format, Alternate File Shredder, Permadelete, nwipe, ShredOS

Email Aliasing

Forward Email, Firefox Relay, Burner Mail,, Mailsac, altmails,, YOPmail, Mailgw,, 33mail

Email Clients

Betterbird, ElectronMail, Claws Mail, eM Client, RainLoop, Roundcube, Spike, Canary, Twobird, Kanmail, Gmail Desktop, Wino

Encrypted Android Messengers

Status, Confide, ChatSecure, Snikket, RetroShare, BiP, Olvid, Berty, OpenKeychain, Dust, NewNode, Kontalk, Wire

Encrypted Messengers

Bitmessage, Speek, Retroshare, Off-the-Record Messaging, Session, Demonsaw, Enigma, Mirage, Keybase, Cwtch, BiP, SimpleX, emberclear, Commune, Mesh, Utopia, CoyIM, RicochetRefresh

Matrix Home Servers

Conduit, Public Matrix Homeservers, Public Matrix Homeservers Archive, Public Servers

Encrypted XMPP Servers

Server List, Hot Chilli, /, dismail, blah, xabber, Gajim,

Flash Player Tools

Fun Indexes, AIDN, Neave / 2, BoredHumans, puissant, ThisIsMyWebsiteNow, Mr.doob, Bimble Space, Creative Tech Guy, Just For Fun, Andrew Marsh, JenniferDewalt, Chrome Experiments, 0x2a, yezi, topster, p5aholic,, WilliamHoza, Rinkworks, Orteil, funwebsite

Free DNS Servers

Free VPN Configs

Free Webhosting Sites

profreehost, 000webhost, infinityfree, openshift, vercel, cloudaccess, Gitlab Pages, glitch,, coolify, wix,, webs, weebly, yola, wordpress / 2, jimdo, awardspace, pythonanywhere, droppages, Zeronet, Zeronet 2, ibm cloud, hubzilla, site123, hostbreak, tilda, BitBucket,, render, Fleek, stormkit, freehosting, freewebhostingarea, freenom, milkshake, ikoula, fanspace, dotera, fc2, w3schools, freehostia, olitt, uhostfull, x10hosting, lenyxo, yunohost, 1freehosting,, ultifreehosting, aeonfree, bravenet, atspace, aava, netlib

File Encryption Tools

VeraCrypt, CryptSetup, EncFS MP, Hat, GNUPG, GPG4Win, Encrypto, FreeCrypt, Vmola, Kryptor, SecureFolderFS, wdcrypt, Picocrypt, age

FMovies Clones

Game Engines

2D / 3D Engines

Defold, Bevy Engine, / Extensions, ursina engine, stride3d / GitHub, cocos / GitHub, microStudio

2D Engines

Torque2D / Discord, starling / GitHub, HaxeFlixel, GB Studio / GitHub / Reddit / Discord, Flame, GameMaker / Online, Arcade Game Designer / 2 Pixelbox, LIKO-12 / Discord / GitHub, PQ93, GDevelop / 2, Bitsy, Script 8, Tic80, Byond, LÖVE

3D Engines

Cave Engine, OpenXRay / Discord, cryengine / Discord, armory3d / GitHub, torque3d / GitHub / Discord, Panda3D

Game Libraries / Launcher

Launchbox, GameHub, Arc, Gnome Games, GameVault

Game Mods

ZagruzkaMods, NextGenUpdate, ModWorkshop, Video Game Mods, Silent's Blog, WabbaJack / Discord, GameFront, GameJunkie, VIP Mods,,, Top Mods, GameJunkie,, GameBanana

Game Soundtracks

Duke4 SC-55, Project2612,, GameOST, VGMRips, VGMPF, Zophar's

GDrive File Sharing

Git Projects

git:logs, Awesome Made by Brazilians, awesome-opensource-apps, opensauced, Awesome Stars, LibHunt, bestofjs

Google Piracy Discussion Groups

Icon Download Sites

HealthIcons, Icofont, Polaris, Phosphor Icons, cappuccicons, awsicons, iconshock, CaptainIconWeb, thenounproject, Orion,

Image Colorization

Petalica Paint, MyHeritage In Color, 9Mail Restoration, DeOldify, playback, cutout,, hotpot, Colorizer, imagecolorizer

Image Design Resources

psdkeys, AvaxGFX, Freeject, PDFTree, NitroGFX, Designer Candies, Poliigon, PolyHaven, GraphicPear, FreeDesignResources, /r/BLKMARKET, G