Dutch Summer time 2019
                                                                                                         Sunday, March 31 to Sunday, October 27

                                                                                                         Central European Standard Time = GMT+1

                                                                                                         Central European Summer Time = GMT+2 

 For seeing the ASSIA streams! Search your game and seleckt lthe link.  Click on it with the right mouse button. Click open link...

Click on the red play button. Remove the white field (x). and the emerging tabs. After a few minutes the stream stops. Click on the red play button again. verders no longer a problem. If the stream stops. Repeat these instructions.

Search for your match and select the link. Copy and paste it into the browser. Then enter (enter). Click on play button. After a few seconds a white field will appear. Then click link on (x) and again on play button. Meantime this can happen again. Delete emerging tabs.

Schedule of broadcasts

Schedule of broadcasts (Time is GMT+2) / Xml format

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