Open this page in google browser for the correct functions.

                                                                               Open deze pagina in google browser voor de juiste functies.

                                                                                                       Change channels  Click on the images

By SEBN Streams!  Remove in  with field, first right and left on ( x).


By SYFO  Scrol in the menu and click on stream .

By adblock on. Remove in the stream the  red X.

Orter Streams?


By ESBN.NL+ Click more time on  (Click here to unmute) for option arrow/sound .

Remove all tabs and by  PDF on browser click on. (x).


ESPN.NL Click on the arrow at the bottom of the stream for full screen . Then on sound speaker. Remove upcoming tabs

               The streams with pop-up below. Click on it and enlarge the screen. Then press arrow function.

Let Op! Indien u match niet in de schedule staat. Kan deze later er wel in staan. Dit wegens de aantal beschkbare channels. klik dan op Refresh

If Syfo not good working! Click  here on watch by your match. The stream starts by itself. Click more times on (Click here to unmute) for sound/arrow. Remove all  upcoming tabs .

Voor Syfo streams zonder browser - beeldragers problemen kunt u de 12 streams bovenaan gebruiken. Onderaan ziet u de schedule. Voor de beelddragers in de tablet de juiste keuze. u kunt adblock android er voor gebruiken.

For Syfo streams without browser - image carrier problems you can use the 12 streams at the top. Below you will see the schedule. The right choice for the image carriers in the tablet. you can use adblock android for it.