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Attention. Always scan your PC / laptop / iPhone before / after using it with Hitman Pro. or other software against cookie / pop-ups / malware .If it workingk slowly, you should do this earlier.


How to use a browser extension to remove x-frame-options console error

3 apr. 2020 - The X-Frame-Options HTTP response header can be used to indicate whether or not a browser should be allowed to render a page in a frame, ...
‎Frame · ‎CSP: frame-ancestors · ‎X-XSS-Protection.

Click on the link below. Click on the button of the browser you are currently using. click the green button (Only with Firefox — Get Firefox Now). Accept all habedlingen shown with your browser.
The X-Iframe problem should be solved. Otherwise, follow the site's instructions.



Removing XFRAME problem on streams that are not working by your browser .. Fix this by clicking on the image. You will see information. Click on the blue button to adjust your browser. Go with everything accord to make it work.

Click here for option.,2

                                                                                                         MORE!  STREAM INFOTMATIONS

1.Stream options;

Click on the black button and on the images for sport streams and more entertainment


Scrol in the schedule fotr your match/event and click on your channel  link.

Click on if you see (Click to unmete) in  the stream, one or more times to activate sound / full screen. and with


Have you been under the browser. (PDF READER / POP-UP / BROWSER OPTIONS ) options! Click this way by clicking on the cross.  Do you also know the browser in the taskbar. see if there are also tabs.

remove these. If you see (Windows Allert). Click continuously (ESC) and cancel. Always schedule your hardware before / after using it with (Hitman Pro).

2 Adblock options

Ensure that the adblocher is always on when the channel is started. If you indicate that you want to switch it off, then do so to see the channel. Then remove the ads.


Next Option: .By Telerium streams.

First disable adblock if you see it in the stream.

Only then will you see the match.
Don't forget to enable it when you go to another page of the site



There are streams that need to load. Visible in the field a timer/ image. Wait until it is ready and then 15 seconds. Most of the time you will see the streams with (x) in the field. Delete it. click (click to unmute) one or more times on the top left of the stream. This is to activate the sound / arrow.
Also when restarting the stream.

In the stream is a sad image with "Adobe flach - flash Player info .underneath. I

nstall this and restart the stream. Give permission to remember this in the browser,

This stream works with "Adobe Flowplayer". Click the big screen stream a few times quickly.

Also remove tabs under the taskbar if you have the browser there.

After that, the browser will work normal function for arrow.


5. Attention!
    If it is indicated that your browser is not connected to the stream / site. Then use a different browser.


                                                                                       See you this on page . This action is OKE!

If you see this. At the bottom of the browser (options) click on it and click on the top line on allow.

                                                                 For the good result you must do the following,



 1 - use the browsers

                                  1.  Google Browser:  https://www.google.com/intl/nl_ALL/chrome/        

                                  2   Firefox :  https://www.mozilla.org/en-US/firefox/new/

                                 3.  Opera:    http://www.opera.com/nl/download

                                 4.   Safari:    https://safari.nl.softonic.com/

 2- use Mcafree antivirus. Click at link.: https://www.mcafee.com/nl/index.html


3 -  https://www.bleepingcomputer.com/download/junkware-removal-tool/

4. https://www.java.com/nl/download/help/download_options.xml


5. install: Hitman Pro 

You can use the automatic scan at startup option.
This ensures that you have to wait a little at the start until it is ready (works slower during scanning). You can also do it yourself. Then you see how long it takes and what is also there, etc. You notice that your browser gets slower during use. Close all beforehand.

Product code until 1 May 2021:    R1LHY-WXBGN-LNJTR-YVA1W



6 -Junkware Removal Tool Download! Even though it is no longer being updated. still works great.

Click on the link and click on downlads (bleebcomputer). Save this one !. Go to the downloads folder and copy the JRT file to your desk.

Pay attention! Do this before / after using your PC / laptop etc .. and all windows from it. Click on JRT. A black screen will appear. You wait until it indicates CLICK for progress. Now it starts up. As long as a white field blinks at the bottom left. you do nothing.
When he is ready, a window pops up with what he has done. click this way. This file is also with your documents. Works very well!




7. Attention! If you get a red field in the stream, you give a warning. Then scroll to accept risk and click on it. For the most part they do not recognize the site.


Will you more info? Send to  BRdam (code)   email: broadcasting.rotterdam@outlook.com