Click on you sport item.Scroll to your match. Click on play. Stream without advertising! Note the chanel number above it or click on the green button (embed). You see the embed code. Remember the channel number (example ... / site / update / ch12 )") and click on the link above. Click on the stream a few times to click on sound / arrow. Also remove all tabs at the bottom of the taskbar if the browser logo is also there. Also the pop-ups Click on (x)

                                                                                                                    The match has started

If the stream stops or doesn't open during 20-30 secconds, press the REFRESH button


<< <  If you see this in stream by rhe  streams below. Wait 5 - 10 seconds and move this  on (x)  

Click one or more times on arrow for full screen and remove below the browser pop-up.